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Cloud-based coaching CRM software for multi-sports, gym, school or club management. Enabling scheduling, bookings, payments, team management and accounting in the organization.

An online, cloud-based user-friendly In-house build 24/7 CRM solution, designed for use in Sports Clubs, Schools, Gyms, Multi-Sport activity coaching organizations and other educational establishments in Dubai, UAE & the Middle East. Enabling in organizing, communication, bookings, sessions, members, payments, homework and management processes within the school or activity coaching organizations.


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About Software


An online, cloud-based user-friendly In-house build 24/7 CRM solution, designed for use in Sports Clubs, Schools, Gyms, Multy-Sport activity coaching organizations and other educational establishments. Enabling to operate with multi-site, multi-city organizations, allowing handling multiple organizers, classes and coaches with massive numbers of members and tasks by communication, bookings, sessions, members and management processes within the school or activity coaching organizations. 
Software features & performance

Advantages and performance of Club, Coaching Management CRM system 2022

While developing KMATE ORCA exceptional attention was given to day-to-day operations of multi-sport activity, club, school outdoor and indoor coaching program management essential requirements. It has outstanding features for: A) Football, tennis, golf, badminton, cricket, squash and related activities coaching. B) Horse riding, polo and related activity programs. C) Swimming, diving and related activity programs.  D) Educational, Musical instruments playing, voice vocal related activities. E) Dancing, ballet, aerobics, and related activity programs. F) Martial arts, Boxing and related activity programs.  J) Gym management with multi-training sessions and coaching and any other adult-related activity programs. H) Holiday, Summer camping and related activity programs. KMATE ORCA - CLOUD BASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION is designed to manage every aspect of the clubs or school facility letting process through its tailored features aimed to help a business to manage and streamline day-to-day activities, venue availabilities, reports, listings and simplify the booking process for several third-party educational and coaching establishments. 

#1 Fee module:

Allowing organization real-time automatic fee calculation for multiple classes with multiple members including VAT, school or clubs fee.

#5 Facility booking:

Member management – allowing members and parents to register themselves for an activity or add a child and assign for available activities, regardless it is beginning or middle of the term and proceed with online payment.

#2 Team members:

A user-friendly interface which suits with basic knowledge of PC or smartphone. Adding/removing team members, coaches with a different permission access level and unique user ID.

#6 Schedules:

Setting customizable schedules for specific, multiple classes indicating fees and public holidays on a grid or calendar view. ORCA is simplifying members to view the availability of activities or facilities real-time basis and to reserve one.

#3 Notifications:

ORCA allows to generate and set a wide range of notifications and reminders starting from payment notifications, student attendance, coming classes and many more.

#7 fee collection:

If an organization is looking for a complete fee collection solution, ORCA is here to handle it.

automatically updated, indicating outstanding balance, coming up payments or payment history.

#4 Reports:

Accounting reports, receipt generation, classes fulfillment and many more.

Import/Export data option

#8 classes booking:

Booking management – allowing members and parents to sign up themselves and assign a child or friend for an available activity, with multi-optional choice of coaches, terms with fee payment terms and proceed with payment online.



KMATE - ORCA Club Management CRM Software is already rewarded with multiple positive feedbacks from both parents and establishments. Performed surveys among parents confirmed the simplicity and usefulness of the system while registering or booking the sessions through an establishment's web page, integrated with ORCA's operation system. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Club Management CRM Software's Operation System

Are you looking to figure out more about Club Management CRM Software's Operation System? Please check frequently asked questions or alternatively contact us for consultation.

Yes, it is 100% possible to integrate the CRM system with 3rd party platforms as well as any other platforms which have API integration. Moreover, Quick books accounting management system has been integrated already as per the requirements of customers.

Classes and individual training creation have been developed on a basis of choices as per the convenience of coaching establishments.
The term basis, Academic term basis, year or monthly basis.

Yes, CRM system has been designed with the multi-category feature. Classes can be adjusted or created by categorising, gender, age, and expert levels.

Elabhouse team keep updating the system with new features to be on the front row of the industry. However, any specific, essential requirement can be adjusted or additionally developed as per your business needs.

KMATE ORCA Club Management CRM system has bin build considering 365/24/7 cloud base access and monitor day to day business operations regardless it is a desktop, mobile or pad.

Fees charging and payments on CRM system have several useful features.
Fees: You can additionally add Corporate TAX, VAT, and Venue rental fees both hidden way and the visible way by indicating a percentage value or a fixed amount. The system will calculate and will indicate the final amount.
Payments: Payments will be calculated as per your establishment system set or particular class set. Business customers will be able to settle their dues through your webpage or manually generated payment link. In addition, we can develop a QR code scanning and payment option to avoid payment terminals.

CRM system has a built-in feature of attendance checklist feature. The coach or teacher can highlight the student's presence and absence, body temperature, add comments and submit reports to a parent to a registered email.

Coaches and Teachers can assign to a class, individual students or members certain homework, as well as share the digital contents.
Payments receipts: It is auto-generated reports and receipts indicating the establishment credentials and TAX number in terms of successful payment processing. As well as it will be duplicated and stored on the member or parent user page for further correspondence.

Team members can be simply added/edited/deleted as per requirement through the systems admin panel by the owner or main admin (s), as well as any team member can be assigned/permitted/lifted permissions from the accounts, sensitive information or customizing/creating classes, data import/export.

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