What are elabhouse Email Marketing Services in Dubai?

Email Campaign still plays a big role as a marketing tool in the business world. Because there are customers who want to subscribe to get up-to-date information about their favourite brands

Our Agency in Dubai will take care of your email marketing by helping you to create a range of various types of email list that compiled the proper way so that the right people are getting your messages.

The Importance of Email Campaign

An email list is matters because you want clients to remember who you are. Usually, website visitors look around for a while, read a few articles of blogs and products, services and information that you might offer and leave immediately.

However, if you get potential clients onto your email campaign list, you can send them up-to-date information regularly so they will never forget about your new product release, offers, products or services. In fact, more than 85% of users checking their email inbox every single day. Another important factor is that you will have your own email list of records with customer data which is very important for any industry.

What Where Offer?

In elabhouse our specialists can assist you in optimizing your email marketing campaign from start to finish. Highlight your brand voice, define your message, create engaging content, and modify the campaign using custom email marketing methods. Once the email marketing campaign is started, and we can see how many users are taking action, we can continuously develop our strategy to increase the overall CTR.

  1. Headline – If the headline isn’t interesting for users, then they are definitely not going to open the email. That’s why we begin all the way from creating headlines that get users willing to know more. 
  2. Content – We make sure that the content of the email campaign is engaging enough to get your subscribers interested and keep subscribed to your emails to continuously get information about your products and services.
  3. Nowadays, more and more users are checking their email on mobile devices. We will optimize your email marketing campaign for both mobile and desktop type of viewing.
  4. Our email marketing service is designed to grow CTR. That means we will provide your customers with the proper and interesting email message to get them clicking through that email and onto your website.
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