Facebook Ads in Dubai

We will apply your existing content and to fine-tune your ROI-driven campaign’s presence to reach your business conversion rate on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and audience network. Moreover, we will provide Instagram, and Facebook Augmented Reality services to fulfil your brand equity

Planning and Strategy

Our professional ad specialists will begin by accurately reviewing your ad account without access to your account history. We will propose a custom-built and ROI focused conversion funnel, define audience auditory in the Facebook platform, and integrate growth strategy for your business.

Pixel Integration and Tracking

We will troubleshoot your campaign pixel, install custom-made conversion experiences, and give on-time reports and analysis about Facebook ads affect conversion events and sales. Measure on-site user activity and gain real-time visibility into events such as adds to cart, shopping, and form submissions.

Facebook Audience Research

Facebook research campaigns require a custom-made strategy since you are reaching out to persons who are unfamiliar with your brand product or brand services. We conduct research in interests, behaviours, and a series of lookalike audiences to determine potential customers who have the highest likelihood to convert on your site.

Facebook Audience Remarketing

Audience Re-targeting is the most required element of your Facebook campaign strategy. For example, a visitor leaves your e-commerce website without converting (they are ready to buy your product, but they are in a hurry. Later the same day, your Facebook ad recaptures their interest and seals the deal.

Ad Establishment and Copywriting

Eye-catching visuals, clear headlines with strong calls-to-action, and ad copy developed to show audiences why and how your brand product or service is better than others. We are continuously searching for that ad that has the potential to drive massive ROI and increase your brand equity.

Split-testing and Optimization

We test plenty of bidding strategies such as short or long copy, broad or narrow audience, video ad, carousel, single image, collection, instant experience ads. We test them all, ensuring your brand stands out with highly personalized ads developed to produce high conversion.

Bidding and Account Management

Working with elabhouse means we are continuously making modifications to bidding and Facebook campaign budgets to maximize your return on ad investment. Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Engagement, Cost Per Action, Cost Per View and other elements we analyze more

QA and Reports

Once per week or once per month, at any interval, you prefer we will send custom-made and easy-to-understand reports straight to your email. Our comprehensive reports will guide you to grow your brand business.

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