Google Ads in Dubai

Google Ads in Dubai are significant to all online marketing plan. There is no best time to show customers your ads than when they are actively looking for products, services and information that you are offering online. We make sure you get the best result out of Google Ad platform with accurately designed campaigns and ongoing optimization.

Planning and Strategy

Let our PPC account managers analyse your business goals, KPIs, and on-going campaigns so we can suggest the most suitable design of ad strategies. Search Engine Optimization, Shopping, Google Business, Gmail, Display, Video ads? We are skilful at managing all Google campaign types, and we only recommend you those that fit your business best.

Pixel Integration and Tracking

A proper website audit is important to optimize the campaign in Google platform. Work with our team to ensure that Google Analytics tracking is deployed across your site, and all relevant goals are tracked. Our developers provide nifty sitemap without any error or difficulties to crawl.

Keyword Research

Selecting keywords is significant for Google Ads campaigns, and it may sound simple. But we use the most beneficial methods and tools to optimize your search campaigns with core, long-tail, and negative keywords that will help deliver the most relevant traffic.

Audience Remarketing

Building Re-marketing audiences in Google are a crucial part of any award-winning Display campaign but can also be used to improve your Search Engine campaigns. We know how to build the best audiences to deliver users most likely to convert into customers or leads and beef up conversion rate.

Ad establishment and Copywriting

Writing Google Search adwords is both an art and a science, and it's steadily changing. We are always up-to-date on the latest developments, and we will work jointly with you to modify your brand voice into effective ads that focused on ROI.

Split-testing and Optimization

We design excellent ads for your campaigns, but they are only useful if they produce results. We test various ads that combine text highlighting advantages, features, and call-to-action. Best performers win, and then new options are tested.


With the growth of automated bidding, it has never been more necessary to understand all of the available variants. elabhouse will always apply the most excellent models and accessible data to select the bidding strategy that will provide the best results.

Budget Management and Reporting

According to your time preference, we deliver to you reports and data analysis that answer your key questions. How are our campaigns operating? What changes are we making? Are there any opportunities to expand the ad campaign? We help you to make the best decisions for your business.

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