Digital Marketing and Social media in Dubai

A creative idea that shares brand connecting emotions with the digital audience

Some Theory about Marketing

Have you heard the answer of Philip Kotler, father of modern marketing for the question, when did Marketing first appear?

He said: Marketing started with the first human beings. We see Eve convincing Adam to eat the forbidden apple. But Eve was not the first marketer. It was the snake that convinced her to market to Adam.


Almost 80% of customers who had pleasant social media service experience with a brand, will share it online with others


90% of social media users have an experience of communication with brand or business online


75% of customers prefer online shopping and seeking for promotions and offers online

What do We Offer to Your Company in Dubai

Social media marketing must be customer benefit oriented rather than sales focused. For this reason, it is important to promote your services and products, engaging your audience with immersive content. Lack of skills in digital marketing platform can negatively impact on your budget and ad campaign.

Our marketing specialist team in Dubai, will help your brand set credibility and customer loyalty doing the right social media channels like Google ad, Facebook ads, LinkedIn and more. We work on:

  • Generate the ROI
  • Extension of your engaged audience list
  • Reach out targeted audience with the right content and at the right time
  • Improve the brand awareness of the product
  • Generate leads through different social ad channels

Marketing Strategy

Phase 1

We will analyze the nature of the market that you are targeting, the competitors, demographic situation, to deeply understand the connection of your brand with a targeted audience.

Phase 2

In this stage, we create a digital message for a targeted audience, craft schedule of ads broadcast, which you will have access. Also, you can review, control, make a change and approve visuals. Ad copies before set the ad campaign

Phase 3

Implementation ad campaign across defined social media requires daily analysis, SEO management and testing. You will receive scheduled reports of ongoing ads permanently.

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