Promotional video and short animation production service in Dubai

Elabhouse video production team are ready to take care of your brand promotional video and commercial animation for digital marketing. An experienced and talented team will research and develop a creative idea, script writing, and multi-language voice-over cover by implementing the best solution for your project requirements. Our talented videographers, 3D designers and video editors will ensure you get quality service and mind-blowing brand awareness. Guaranteed quality production of all stages of commercial promo video of your business in Dubai and across the Middle East.

Why are promotional short videos effective for business revenue and marketing?

Elabhouse promo video production service is done right through in-house producers with experience and required cinematography and 3D animation education to ensure your success. Studies and statistics prove that promotional videos are the most efficient compared to different commercial marketing content. Customers are most likely to remember and recall them even after viewing them a while after.

promotional video for marketing

Promotional videos are personality-driven introductions of your products and services, making them a remarkably efficient and cost-effective marketing tool for promoting your product, service or venue to a broader audience.

Professional promotional short video production

Company promotional videos are used to highlight and promote new products, developments, services, introductions or other digital marketing purposes to increase brand awareness and higher engagement. It can be a video or 3d animation, stories or product demo implemented on social media platforms, websites, TV, and outdoor screens, even with augmented reality technology.
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Promo video or animation vs static ads with images

Regular static ads with complex messages are hard to communicate with customers. They deliver a lower-targeted brand message, but promotional video or animation will immediately engage your potential customers and capture their attention with live video or animation.

More returning users and customers

Websites and physical shop owners implementing different promotional videos or animations regularly for marketing stated increase in return visits to their website or shops.

Considered a trustworthy brand

Branded promotional videos or animation testimonials on your website or physical venues will boost your credibility. It explains having you and your staff in your promotional videos with a branded message is a creative way to build trust and engagement with your brand. 

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