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According to BrizFeel, more than 3,04 billion people are on social media around the world.

Would you like to improve your business social media presence? elabhouse will assist you in building a SMM strategy enhanced with blog content.

SMM Content Strategy in Dubai

It’s one thing to have a company Twitter account, Instagram or Facebook page, but the real importance is in crafting a long term plan of how you will manage and grow those pages. In fact, any businesses have at least one social media account and many industries looking for new and more creative ways to convert users into potential customers. It has been proven that a company provides consistent and relevant content on their social media platforms will see an increase in audience and a more powerful connection with their followers. 

Creating social media accounts and SMM content strategy is the first step in establishing your social media presence. There are two significant factors to social media content strategy are consistent and relevant content. You cannot have a strong social media business page without either of these elements and neglecting one of these elements won’t work either.

Consistent content allows your business to stay in the minds of your audience. Finding the right balance between so much and so little content can be tough. Posting too frequently can drive followers away as it is seen as spam and posting too short can get your posts lost in the sea of other voices.

Relevant content guarantees that what you are posting is giving your auditory a better idea of who you are as a brand. Whether it be upcoming events, product release, these things allow for clients to stay informed and up to date on your company.

elabhouse can be that agency that provides you with the assistance and guidance needed to develop a strong and well-created social media content strategy. Our SMM content creation services help your business to stay relevant with regular posting options on any Social Media platform.SMM

What to Post on Social Media Account?

When it comes to posting on social media platforms, however, it can get a little complex. People don’t know what they should be posting or what their audience is interested in. We are going to dive into some of the most popular posts you can publish, and talk about just how many users are mostly following you just for these purposes.

New Product Message – If someone already likes your product or service and already buys from you, then they are definitely going to want to know more about the new products or services that are available with you. So, they prefer more a post about a new product or service. Don’t just post once when it comes out either. Post at least leading up to a release to get people interested. As many as 65% of the audience following a branded retailer social media profiles saying it is to keep up on the newest products.

Customer Review – Usually, users want to see feedback from real customers, and they want to know more users experience and customers opinion about the products or services that you deliver. However, almost 80% of clients who had a pleasant service experience with a brand will share it online with others.

Correct & Attractive Images – Images are going to get your audience interested in your brand, and the people who haven’t heard of your brand are more likely to see you if you have correct and attractive images. Almost 40% of users on social media platforms get the first impression from images on profiles.

Great Information – Users, particularly those on LinkedIn, want to learn something from your posts. They want the content that you are posting to educate them something new or to give them information that they can utilise in the future. Providing information that actually teaches your auditory is one way you can do great work on this platform. On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram aren’t as interested in learning new things. A focus on knowledgeable and more professional content is still a good idea to offer.



Working with us on SMM in Dubai

  1. We do know how important it is for your business to maximize the value of your budget, and elabhouse always brings transparent work and all Social Media Marketing procedures to the table.
  2. Rely on us, the optimization of content for the industry that you are targeted and development all of your social media accounts to reach the right demographic auditory in each of these profiles.
  3. We design the posts to highlight your services or to highlight the stories that you want to tell, and also we provide with attractive images and videos that are going to improve your brand awareness.
  4. We will provide you with full reports that will give you an opportunity to measure how successful each of those social media posts.
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