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We deliver futuristic exterior and interior 3D renderings and photo-realistic visualization solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the Middle East.

We are capable of delivering renderings for both commercial and residential real estate projects and coming up with a detailed plan to impress you and your client's expectations. Our experienced team of professionals are fit to deliver any complex interior or exterior renderings project, will it be a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or commercial space such as a restaurant or hotel.

Trustable 3d Rendering and visualization service

We work as a subcontractor with architects, creative agencies, design studios, real estate developers and design professionals. Our happy customers always recommend us for guaranteed high quality, timebound workflow, and talented team to deliver complex projects.

Project Brief

Submit to us a complete project brief along with the materials necessary to prepare the estimate for the project, and let's start.


Review the preliminary artwork results and leave your feedback for us to continue with the task or indicate corrections.


Approve the draft version of the 3D renderings you are most pleased with and want us to deliver photorealistic final work.

Project Handover

Receive marketing-ready high-resolution imagery — with ideal lighting, reflections, and materials in the specified resolution.
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Exterior rendering service

A computer-generated image "CGI" solution revolutionizes architecture, the real estate industry, and digital marketing. Exterior 3D visualization allows showing buildings of any type or scale before the construction begins, during the project planning stage or for efficient marketing purposes. A high-quality photorealistic exterior rendering service helps architects and real estate developers to showcase their project ideas in a professional, eye-catching manner to clients, contractors and contest juror authorities. Modern villas, charming mansions and stunning skyscrapers' exterior rendering services can bring any project or structure to life.

Interior rendering service

Interior design rendering and photorealistic visualization are powerful tools for expressing design concepts, project vision and eye-catching visualization for use in real estate sales and marketing. Computer-generated Images "CGI" can bring any creative idea to life and enables to showcase of the space layout, furnishing, finishing textures, colour pallets, lighting and decor selections by highlighting the atmosphere of the project - it is an essential marketing asset.
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3D product modeling & visualization service

The Elabhouse team is an expert in preparing high-quality photorealistic product views showcasing functionality, processes and usability to help our clients to stay on top in the global market. 3D Product visualization is used for presentation, print, digital marketing, animation, augmented reality, video, and interactive applications to enhance product development documentation, distribution, sales, installation instructions or public relations.
3D product visualization elabhouse
3D product rendering service elabhouse


Questions & Answers

In the context of architecture and interior design, the main direction of 3D visualization are; interior rendering, exterior rendering, 3D modeling, 3D animation and 3D virtual tours.

Photorealistic 3D visualization is a process performed by experienced CGI artists, utilizing their set of professional software and art knowledge. Result of this process sketches, drawings, or 2D visuals turns into high-quality photorealistic images. In the context of architecture, those visual interiors and exteriors of buildings are yet to be constructed.

We usually need about 4/6 working days for 1-3 visualization, if we get detailed project information and approval of visualization angles.

The standard image resolution is 4K-5K, but if a client needs images of a higher quality, we can do it for some additional fee.

Our 3D rendering team consists of a mentor/CGI lead designer, 10 employees, anWe do have our own rendering farm in order to meet our customer's timeline and efficiency. Example: Our rendering farm is 40 times faster than a custom-tailored powerful CPU/GPU 3d modeling or gaming computer. This is not considering another 15 custom-tailored desktops.
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The cost of 3D rendering services depends on several factors, including the scope of work, the amount of detail in the renders, the number of views, the resolution.  Main differentiation happens according to interior design.

Example: Modern style is usually lower cost rather than classic interior which has a lot of detailing. Please contact us to request an accurate quote. 

As well as our long term customers with multiple projects usually has an a priority and pleasant rates.

We usually recommend starting cooperation with small projects of 1-2 images. First, you pay a 50% advance payment, and the second part is paid before getting the final images. But we always meet our clients‘ needs, and if a project is large, we charge 35% before its start, 30% - after the first preview, and 35% at the final stage.

We do have our own rendering farm in order to meet our customer's timeline and efficiency.

Example: Our rendering farm is 50 times faster than a custom-tailored powerful CPU/GPU 3d modeling or gaming computer. This is not considering another 15 custom-tailored desktops.

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