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Snap Chat Lens Ar studio mask filter effects and Games development services in Dubai, UAE

Snapchat Lens Studio AR Mask Filter Effect and Interactive Games Development services in Dubai, Middle East. Elabhouse Software Design is an experienced team of web developers building augmented reality projects using complex web solutions by consulting, planning, creative ideas, writing native scripts, graphic design, web design and further web development of the Augmented Reality Filter Effects for commercial and personal use.

About Snap Chat Lens filter effect and games development services in Dubai

Snap Chat Lens Studio technology & how it is essential for digital marketing
Elabhouse team is an experienced Snapchat lens developer creating unique and interactive Branded Snapchat lens filters. Consulting customers, choosing between regular and premium features to create social augmented reality experiences that fit your campaign goals and budget. By offering creative development packages for clients and Media Companies that require additional project approvals and extra flexibility with interactive AR digital marketing projects.
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creative Snapchat Lens augmented reality web development service competence and experience

At Elabhouse, we do specialize in the web development of multiple kinds of Augmented Reality projects. Snapchat Lens, filter effects and interactive games for business marketing and individuals are among them. If you have an idea, we would be happy to discuss it over a coffee or ZOOM.
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augmented reality Snapchat Lens success stories and case studies

success stories & case studies
Social media and online communication have become a vital part of our everyday life and business processes. Snapchat lenses and geo filters are still new and have enormous effects, and potential for any industry's digital marketing needs through AR solutions. Let's discover it together by having a cup of coffee or, as we say in our days, let's ZOOM.

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Lift in Ad Recall - 20.4 Points. Lift in Brand Favourability - 5 times Lift in Purchase Intent - 3.9 Points. Incremental Lift in Purchase - 14%


Lift Ad Recall - 2.2 Points. Lift in Message Association  - 5.7 Times. Increase in customer actions measured - 4%. Lift in Additional purchases - 5%

essence cosmetics

People reached with Augmented Reality ads 6.5 million. Lift in ad recall on 13 to 17 years old audience - 12.5 Points. Lift in awareness on 13 to 17 years old audience 3.2 Points.

uber eats UAE

More first orders - 6.1 Times. Decrease in Cost Per First Order - 80% More app installs - 70%   More purchases with Messenger, compared to ads click - 4 Times

Our Snapchat Lens studio mask filter Effects and games development services process

Web designing of Snapchat Lens AR Studio Effects requires a range of  Web Development Services starting from deep research, planning, 2D/3D modeling, AR blocks development and essential scripts coding . Elabhouse Team in Dubai has required an expert skill set to execute all of those necessary web development tasks to execute the Instagram effects projects regardless of difficulty level. 

Our standard is following up on certain steps of the requirement gathering on any web development project. 

  • Understanding the general terms of the project, issues, targets, planning and possible solutions. 
  • Documenting and project development roadmap discussion.
  • Expanding on the insights gained, designing and applying a technology solution that incorporates elegant UI/UX design practices and web development trends. 
  • Visualization of project prototypes, showcasing what the final solution will feel and look like. 
  • Build, web design, graphic design, web development and execution of the project as per approved assets.

Storyboards is an a primary reference tool for all members of the team. 


  • Visually telling the story
  • Detailing the concept, characters / models, setting up the surroundings, sequence and interactions.
  • Reflecting key ideas and estimated POV

Storyboarding - over all is documenting an immersive experience within a wide field-of-view. Means that the storyboard must move beyond the details a viewer can see in a single framed scene, to a 360 experience relative to the user. 

  • Blocking. During the first step, designing a rough models of the 2D/3D objects and arranges them to form a scene, focusing on the shell and boundaries of the objects.
  • Detailing. In this stage, the artist adds details to the initial 3D model blocks. Models will look smoother and more detailed and close to their final shape.
  • Texturing making the models look more realistic by adding colors, designs and textures. In other words, it represents the art of giving clothes to 2D/3D models. In this stage, need to understand UV mapping, and how textures are used in different applications. In this stagewe can make all the difference to make a scene realistic.
  • Rendering as the scene starts to become more detailed and precise, we get closer to the final result. Now that the texturing and lighting are completed, we proceed to render the scene. Mistakes are usually revealed during this process and adjusment of work accordingly. Our graphic design team’s efforts will be to add some flaws to make the 2D/3D model look more alive. 
  • Post Processing the final stage of every scene rendered is the post process. This is when our team uses a post-processing software to further tweak the final render to bring out even more details.

It is an a one of the major part of the development of Snapchat Lens Filter Effects.
Depending on the project requirements, we are performing development of sequence blocks and essential coding tasks. Rolling out Face/hand/body tracking, audio/sounds, animation, occlusion controls, color overlays and many other required tasks following a project storyboard requirements.

It is a final stage before sending the project for Snapchat Lens Studio technical and visual approval. Quality assurance includes following and testing every aspect of entire project, starting from graphics, light impact, music/sound, tracking objects, triggers, scene objects, textures, patches/scripts and important over all project data size.

Demo videos show a preview of an effect to social media auditory, giving them a flavor of what it will look like before they open it in the camera. On Instagram, they appear alongside your effect in the effect gallery and in the effect tray.

It is another essential final part of the instagram filter effect projects. The Correctly choosen, posed video capture model with invintation intro words showcasing the capabilities and elements featured in Instagram effect words are a key success of the project.
Usually our customers request to recommend or hire a model to capture the demo video - luckily we can help you with these essential requirment too.

After all essential project development works and quality assurance, every effect has to be submitted to an a review and approval.

Snapchat Lens AR will review for:

  • Technical requirements
  • Snapchat Lens Policies 
  • Snapchat Community Standards
  • Snapchat Community
  • Guidelines

Up on approval the effect is ready for publishing and required to follow publishing steps to best performance of the effect

  • Choosing a name for effect.
  • Uploading file.
  • Choosing a platform, owner and publisher
  • Choosing an audience.
  • Selecting categories and keywords.
  • Adding a demo video and icon.
  • Choosing a publication date.
  • Submitting for publication

Frequently asked questions about Snapchat lens filters and interactive games

Are you looking to figure out more about Snapchat Lens Filter Effects and Interactive Games development projects? Please check frequently asked questions or alternatively contact us for consultation.

As Elabhouse is a certified Lens Studio partner and experienced Snapchat Effect developer;
It is case-to-case depending on project objectives and complex levels 7 to 20 working days including graphic design, development, approvals and publishing.

An essential part of each project for both customers and web developers.
Some of the projects we do execute based on relationships with customers or media companies - considering frequency, technical requirements, project numbers/package, tasks set, unique available ready-to-go block sets between 6,000 Aed to 25,000 Aed oftenly the usual project average is 6/12,000 Aed.

Keep in consideration that we are using costly expert software tools and an essential tech stack performing team for creating a single AR project

Few case studies we have mentioned above, however, a properly planned and unique Effect or at least 3 effects can drive an audience to you or your business rapidly within a short time. As per our experience, it is about 900K to 200 mln audience engagement first 10/20 days and up to 900 mln to 1,2 billion following a few months later depending on the industry.

P.S recent "crying" AR Mask Filter Effect reached 1.5 Billion audience engagement just in a 3 days.

AR is a new technology and way of digital marketing - not all industries have discovered yet of it is potential and looked to numbers.


AR - commerce pioneers and fully benefiting industries are Food & Beverage, Fashion, Jewelry, Entertainment, Electronics, Beauty & Healthcare, Aviation, Real Estate, E-commerce, Professional Services and Education.

Consider the annual delivery of hundreds of millions AR-ready mobile phones and pads - it is impressive.

As per current Snapchat rules, each filter effect and interactive game will be online for up to 30 days or for 1 year by creating annual Filter. Please note: Annual AR Filter Effect option is available only US, UK, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Austria, and New Zealand regions. 

As per current Snapchat rules any promotion of Alcohol and tobacco products is forbidden.

Yes, it is possible and usual  practice to give a new life for a filter effect or interactive game project.

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