Dubai Snapchat Filter and Instagram Lens Studio Services

Instagram lens studio filters and Snapchat lens effects give you a perfect opportunity to diversify your product ads and offerings which increase engagement connecting your target audience with minimal budget because Spark AR Instagram Filters and Snapchat Filter Effects are enjoyable!

Users actively engage with them, look for them and send them to their friends. In other words, you will get free brand ambassadors.

Nowadays, there are 700 million users of AR and Lens Masks on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. However, Lens and Spark AR filters becoming more popular in Dubai, between users and business individuals.

Our Instagram Spark AR and Snapchat Lens Experience

You can rely on our talented developers to build you high-quality filters that fit your style and budget.
Our team of experts and 3D artists did some experiences for the world’s leading brands like Emirates Airlines, Huawei  and more.
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Instagram AR Spark Filter Tashkent

Tashkent city ar game

“Tashkent City” project team has developed a large-scale campaign to promote the city brand. Augmented Reality effects for Instagram were part of the campaign with the concept of young generation with traditional clothes, most popular places view and city name.
Available on Instagram

STAY HOME ar game

The game created from our AR expertise to support pure and clean world from COVID-19.
The concept is: you need to kill viruses with an antiseptic bullets to protect the earth from coronavirus. More viruses you kill, more scores you can get. The game is over when you miss even one virus.
Available on Instagram
Instagram Spark Filter Stay Home stay safe

Huawei Giftbox

The concept of this game is you need to grab as much as possible Huawei presents into gift box by moving your head from angle to angle. Dropping any of the gift means that you loose

Victory Day 3D

The filter was released on May 9 for the Victory Day. From 1945th more than 20 countries celebrating this holiday. Military cap named as a “pilotka” became one of the popular attribute of world war 2
Available on Instagram
Instagram AR Spark Filter Victory Day

Deliveroo Starbucks

You can use your smartphone’s front camera and tilt your head from side to side to catch the Starbucks Lattes with a deliveroo bag and make sure you don’t drop any latte cups
elabhouse leads the way in the creation of Augmented Reality, 3D Modelling, Instagram filters and games by delivering innovative digital experiences for worldwide brands to build for them customer interaction and evoke emotion and leave a positive lasting impression.
  1. Before we start, we need to discuss with your preferences in design requirements and your visual art references.
  2. Brand colour, if any (share a Pantone colour name/number or hex code)
  3. Font selection: if you want to embed text or your brand name into the experience, we require .OTF or .TTF
  4. Your brand logo (PNG with a transparent background is preferred).
Snapchat AR Filters
Snapchat Lens Studio AR Mask Filter Effect and interactive Games Development services in Middle East.
Instagram Spark AR Mask Filter Effects and Interactive Games for digital marketing and brand awareness.
Tiktok ar effects
TikTok AR Filter Effects is known as a rapidly growing and another favourite platform for social media audiences
3D Animation
The development of emotionally attractive and eye-catching animations of any complexity is in our full competence.
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