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elabhouse founded in 2019

Custom-build Web Development services in Dubai
Headquartered Dubai. UAE

elabhouse transforms your creative ideas into a digital value

We embrace cross-discipline collaboration with our clients by providing a digital solution, product development, and brand experience to achieve overall success

elabhouse is a team of full-stack developers in Dubai, that has in-depth insight into endless technology changes which commands continuous growing to stay competitive in today’s digital-first economy.

We first specialized in web design and web developing services in UAE. Since then, we expanded to provide a full range of E-commerce, Digital Advertising services, SEO , Instagram Spark AR Studio, Snapchat lens studio services and others.

Our work includes a specialized toolset which consistently delivers award-winning work through performance, efficiency and attention to detail. Consequently, websites, integrations and apps that we create are meticulously crafted in house by a team of marketing and web industry-leading developers.

Our Mission and Vision Focus

Our Vision and Mission in Dubai

A mission that we carry on is always adapting to the ever-changing world of digital opportunities and staying current on the latest developments.

We do know how crucial it is for you to maximize the value of your budget, and our team always brings transparent work and all web techniques to the table.

Our target is to deliver ROI focused, proven award-winning projects to you.

Social Responsibility

We operate based on our values and believe in our ability to do good for our society, that matters to bring more positive interactions into the world. Especially, the UAE society where culture and tradition values have a strong impact on a business. Even though we have still a long road to go, we are improving our skills to take steps in the right course, collectively.

social responsibility
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is another company in our familyA team with highly skilled full-stack developers, building next-generation digital products and services.

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