3D modeling and product visualization

Expert in creative 3D modeling and visualization service by preparing high-quality photorealistic CGI detailed product 3D models in Dubai

The Elabhouse creative team is an expert in 3D modelling and visualization by preparing high-quality photorealistic product 3D models and views showcasing functionality, processes and usability to help our clients to stay on top in the global market. Visualize and promote your built or unbuilt products using photorealistic 3D model renders. We do specialize in producing photorealistic 3D product renderings for marketing, branding, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Creative 3d models & CGI photorealistic visualization service in Dubai

About creative 3d models and CGI photorealistic visualization service.
3D modelling is an essential design element of the architectural or product rendering process; it is a kind of puzzle consisting of multiple 3D model elements jointly transforming into a detailed CGI image of a project.

Project Brief

Submit to us a complete project brief along with the 2D sketches, auto cad or hand drawings necessary to prepare the estimate for the project, and let's start.


Review the preliminary artwork results and leave your feedback for us to continue with the task by indicating corrections or elevation requirements.

project Approval

Approve the draft version of the 3D modeling and renderings you are most pleased with and allow us to deliver photorealistic final work.

project handover

Receive marketing-ready high-resolution imagery — with ideal lighting, reflections, and materials in the specified resolution.

3D product modeling & visualization service in dubai

3D modeling service for architecture, interior design, product or digital marketing.
Creative 3D product modeling or architectural 3D modeling services allow the creation of a precise design of a structure, object or product by reducing the building construction time or showcasing the product.

3d product models for digital marketing

On the other hand, in the era of digital marketing, it is essential to have high-quality 3D photorealistic models, to empower any marketing campaign and drive sales revenues.Utilizing our creative 3D modeling services and software knowledge skills for creating 3D images, you will supercharge your business or creative ideas.
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3d modeling service work elabhouse side view chair
3d modeling service work elabhouse back view
3d modeling service work elabhouse texturing chair
3d modeling service work elabhouse zoom in view

Frequently asked questions about 3D modelling and visualization service

Frequently asked questions

3D modeling is required in a multiple industries as digital marketing and latest technology like augmented reality and virtual reality became an a essential part of any business. Mainly required for any product manufacturer, furniture, food & beverages, animation, architecture, automotive etc

We usually need about 1/2 working days for 1-3 highly detailed product 3D modeling with final photorealistic CGI images. But it is depends on a project scale & requirements, if we get detailed project information and approval of visualization angles.

The standard image resolution is 4K-5K, but if a client needs images of a higher quality, we can do it for some additional fee.

Our 3D rendering team consists of a mentor/CGI lead designer, 10 employees, anWe do have our own rendering farm in order to meet our customer's timeline and efficiency. Example: Our rendering farm is 40 times faster than a custom-tailored powerful CPU/GPU 3d modeling or gaming computer. This is not considering another 15 custom-tailored desktops.
d 3 animation specialists.

The cost of 3D modelling & rendering services depends on several factors, including the scope of work, the amount of detail in the renders, the number of views, and the resolution. Primary differentiation happens according to design requirements.
Don't hesitate to contact us to request an accurate quote.
As well as, depending on the project scale & a relationship with the customer priority and pleasant rates are applied.

We usually recommend starting cooperation with small projects of 1-2 images. First, you pay a 50% advance payment, and the second part is paid before getting the final images. But we always meet our clients‘ needs, and if a project is large, we charge 35% before its start, 30% - after the first preview, and 35% at the final stage.

We do have our own rendering farm in order to meet our customer's timeline and efficiency.

Example: Our rendering farm is 50 times faster than a custom-tailored powerful CPU/GPU 3d modeling or gaming computer. This is not considering another 15 custom-tailored desktops.

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